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Hindu College Old Students Association Get Together Meet on 25-12-18

Hindu College was established in the year 1934 by a group of highly educated, patriotic and philanthropic gentle men of Guntur, with the loftiest ideal of 'dispelling darkess' from the society and to prevent any further erosion of values and virtues from all walks of life.  The motto of our college, " Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya", taken from the "Brithadaranyaka Upanishad", sumps up all this!

Hindu college was started with an aim to serve the community through education by employing time-tested methods of teaching and raising the moral standards of the student community.  It was due to the untiring efforts of a group of dedicated men who illustrated the truth that sincerity and teamwork would lead to success in any field. The college has achieved the great heighs that its founding fathers envisaged, through a constant and consistent endeavor to give quality education to the student community.  The college has been rendering yeoman services to this cause for over 75 years.

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