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About Us

A College is known to the public well from its creditable past. The past is nothing but its alumni and their achievements. Over the past Seven decades and a half, Hindu college moulded tons of thousands of studetns who have occupied prestigious positions and made their alma mater proud. It shall not be an exageration if we say there is not a field which does not have an old student of Hindu College at a pivotal position, be it academic, administration, trade, finance, fine arts or even politics.  They are proud of their alma mater as the alma mater is rightly and affectionately proud of its dear alumni.

Politics is a very essential tool for an efficient and effective run of a civilized society.  It is as necessary as breathing is to a living organism.  There are quire a number of great sons of this college who have brought name and fame to themselves and to this great institution.. Late Sri Kasu Brahmananda Reddy stands on the top-rung of this category as he has rendered yeomen service to the state of Andhra Pradesh as its Revenue Minister and subsequently as Chief Minister.  He has alsoserved the country as Central Cabiner Minister.  Sri.K.Rosaiah, who had workled as a Cabiner Minister holding several portfolios for many years and later worked as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh,  was an illustrious student of this great college.  He is at present holding a prestigious position as Honourable Governor of Tamilnady Government.  Sri Alapati Dharma Rao and Janab Shaik Md. Jani, students of our college, held Cabinet ranks in Council of Ministers of this State.  Sri Lingamsetty Eswara Rao was an M.L.A, Sri Mannava Giridhana Rao of our Teaching staff had been quite successful in the Legislative Council of our State as Teachers representative.  Thus the alumni have a pride of place in this unique public arena.

Presently we have an active Association with following office-barers:


President : Sri M. Somasekhara Rao
Vice-President : Sri P.S.Datta Prasad
    Sri Y. Koteswara Rao
Convenor : Dr.S.Madhusudhana Rao
    Sri K.V.S. Durga Prasad
Joint-Secretary : Sri Siddha Satyanarayana
    Sri V.S. Nageswara Rao
    Sri K. Ramanath Babu
Treasurer : Dr.Y. Gowri Sankar
Members : Sri M.V.R.K Mutyalu, Sri Jupudi Ranga Raju, Dr.S Madhusudhana Rao, Dr. K.V.S.L.V. Prasad, Sri. G.Madhu, Sri. M. Ramachandra RAo, Sri. V.A.Somayajulu, Sri. P.V. Koteswara Rao, Sri.Nanduri Ananda Krishna, Sri.S.Ravi Babu, Dr.B. Rami Reddy
Ex-Officio Member : Principal, Hindu College, Guntur


Activities of the Association are:

1. To conduct regular old boys meets and get-togethers in the institution

2. To plan for the development of the institution through their share of contribution, financial or other wise.

3. To explore, through number of alumni working abroad, the possibilities for exchange of knowledge, technology and other advanced learning tools for the benefit of the present students.

4. To support the financial needs of the institution for the development of insfrastructure.

5. To institute prizes, awards, cash incentives and scholarships to meritorious and poor studetns in order to encourage academic proficiency in them.





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